When Frank Midland is tossed out of his farmhouse by his wife the weekend after Thanksgiving, he meets two friends at a diner and discovers that they, too, are banished from home by busy women preparing – already – for Christmas. The men hatch a plan to swap wives for a day to “teach them a lesson in perspective.” But in the six weeks before Christmas, the wives vow revenge with a plan of their own, and the entire community of Clearview, Virginia, becomes involved. meanwhile, a devious developer threaten to ruin the town center, a mysterious stranger apperas and reappers, a savvy newspaper photographer aligns with a talented seamstress and her physically challenged son, and local citizens are spellbound by reports of an illusive – and rare – white fawn. As the Swap moves forward, plans go awry, secrets are spilled, and lives are transformed, while Frank and his friends discover surprising lessons in “perspective” they had never imagined.

This book is about love in all its wondrous variety – of husbands and wives, parents and children, people and animals, citizens and their community – all ties to a small town.

The Christmas Swap will amuse you, delight you, and sadden you beyond tears. It may even open your mind and heart to the possibility of other dimensions – dimensions as timeless as the universe itself.

Fair warning: As you reach the end of this story, you are destined to succumb to its magic as a holiday favorite.


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