“A wonderful holiday read!” ~Former First Lady Mrs. Laura Bush

“Sometimes, I think we humans are incredibly nearsighted. We busy ourselves in one plane, while the universe revolves in another – a plane more vast in scope and more intricate in detail than we can even begin to comprehend.” 

From The Christmas Swap, a novel by Janet A. Martin

A mysterious stranger and a rare white fawn unlock secrets… some newly hatched and some long concealed…in the hearts of good souls and bad in rural Clearview, Virginia.

There are no Christmas novels quite like this one. But if you crossed the warmth of a Jan Karon story with the intrigue of a John Grisham mystery, you might find something close. Or, if you like the music of Mannheim Steamroller, you will find this book enthralling with its far-flung emotional range.

A special gift for a loved one, or friend – or for you – this novel stakes a claim as a Christmas classic in the 21st century.

The Christmas Swap in Atlanta, with family and friends . . . (L-R) Laura, Blake, Linsey, Bradley, Janet (author), Lane, Lynne, and Laurie

Recent Praise for The Christmas Swap

“The sweetest Christmas book ever!” ~Jane Foy, morning host, WINA 1070 Radio, Charlottesville, VA

“Janet Martin spins characters that will stay with you for years.  You’ll be wishing for a sequel when you reach the end of The Christmas Swap.” ~ Thomas B. Hudson, Author, Carlaw  and Street Legal, Partner, Hudson Cook, LLP, Hanover, MD

“This story looks into three families and gives us a glimpse of how we’re all still learning about life and love regardless of age.” ~Suzanne Nash, Keswick Life,Keswick, VA

“Good for gifting . . . Light with underlying substance . . . Offers undemanding page-turning rewards.” ~Barbara Rich, The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA

Interview with Emory Alumni Association

Janet was asked by Michelle Valigursky, The Director of Marketing Communications for the Emory Alumni Association, to participate in a interview recently. Check out the candid conversation!!!

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